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  • 황토벽돌 외피의 투습저항이 조습능력에 미치는 영향 분석, 대한건축학회  춘계학술발표대회 논문집, 2024.4

  • ​황토벽돌 외피의 흡방습성능에 대한 고찰, 대한건축학회 충북지회, 2023.11
  • PDSC intelligent envelope system for hygrothermal control utilizing renewable energy Part 6 Verification of energy saving effect of combined system of PDSC and energy recovery ventilation, 일본건축학회대회, 2023.9

  • Development of an intelligent envelope system with energy recovery ventilation for passive dehumidification in summer and solar collection in winter, the 11th international conference on indoor air quality, ventilation & energy conservation in buildings, 2023.5

  • Development of the PDSC envelope system for hygrothermal control utilizing renewable energy– Verification of the practical application of a combined system of PDSC and energy recovery ventilation, 일본건축학회 규슈지부, 2023.3

  • Assessment of CO2 reduction effect according to the different window frames at the city-scale, 5th International Conference on Building Energy and Environment, 2022

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